Thanks to an infinite number of brilliant shades, enhanced by textures giving more or less coverage, Dior lipsticks are veritable fashion accessories that give your look a touch of fashionable color.

Perfect cover

For optimum coverage combined with a treatment action, choose Rouge Sérum: infused with treatment and active ingredients, it gives lips a radiant youthful look in a single gesture.

To give your lips a deep color while moisturizing them at the same time, the satin texture of Rouge Dior is ideal.

To render any look more sophisticated, choose Diorific: its elegant and luminous matt finish is available in intense colors.

Light coverage

For spectacular, transparent shine, choose one of the vibrant shades of Dior Addict Lipstick.

For an even more intense finish that retains its unique shine over the course of several hours, apply Dior Addict Extrême.

Dior lipsticks enhance even the most natural looks thanks to light textures with a delicate finish, sometimes infused with active care ingredients.

Gloss texture

To tint your lips with a layer of color that is both glossy and light, choose the Dior Addict gloss in one of its delicious shades with mirror reflections.

To re-plump your lips and give them spectacular roundness in a single gesture, choose the instant moisturizing action of the Lip Maximizer.

Lip balm texture

To subtly enhance the natural color of your lips, apply the Lip Glow: this universal balm infused with active ingredients nourishes them deeply.

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