Featured by Dior in a very wide range of shades, eyeshadow can enhance your eyes and create a multitude of effects based on your needs. This is why you should choose a shade not only based on your eye shape, but on your eye colour as well.

Choosing a shade based on your eye shape

For all eye shapes

To erase signs of fatigue, make your eyes look bigger and boost their radiance, apply a light colour to the inside corners of eyes, as well as to the centre of the brow bone to enhance your brow shape.

For round, bulging eyes

Play with light and shadow effects to change your eye shape: just like with clothing, black and colours have a slimming effect. They diminish the volume of your eyes and allow you to create structure, whereas light tones make the eyes look larger. You should then apply a medium to dark shade all over the eyelid.

For small eyes

Use a dark colour to extend and widen the look of your eyes. Using a brush, apply eyeshadow by creating a V starting in the middle of the eye, working from the base of the lashes outwards: do not apply all over the eyelid, as this will make your eyes look heavy. Lastly, apply a lighter colour to the inside of the eye.

For droopy eyes

Add definition to your eyes by using liquid eye-liner: apply it to the base of lashes in a thin line to enhance the natural shape of your eyes. Apply eye-liner from the inside of the eye towards the outside; however, do not continue all the way to the inside corner.

For eyes that are close together

Brighten your eyes using a light eyeshadow colour: apply it to the inner corners of eyes, then apply a dark shade to the outer corners. Feel free to blend the colour outwards.

For eyes that are far apart

Use medium to dark shades all over the eyelid. To make eyes appear closer together, apply a medium shade of eyeshadow vertically from the base of the eyebrows to the inner corners of eyes.

For deep-set eyes

Avoid dark colours, which could accentuate the depth of your eyes. Instead, opt for a light to medium shade and use a white kohl pencil to open up your eyes.

Choosing a shade based on your eye colour

At Dior, new shades are created with each new collection: inspired by runway shows, these colours allow you to choose your preferred colour based on your current desires or favourite trends.

For soft results

Choose shades that are close to your eye colour.

This tone-on-tone effect will give you soft, subtle results. Experiment with different colour intensities to create your preferred blended effect.

To create contrast

To bring out the colour of your eyes, select contrasting shades:

Blue eyes are complemented by orange, brown, apricot, gold and warm tones.

Green eyes are complemented by purple, mauve and pink shades

Brown and black eyes are complemented by blue, green, grey, silver and cool shades

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