When chosen well, foundation gives the skin a uniform appearance and offers the ideal base for successful make-up. However, it can be difficult to find the shade best suited to you. Here is how to choose your Dior foundation.

For a very natural finish

Choose a neutral shade that will blend as closely as possible with your natural skin tone. The shades of Dior foundations are composed of three numbers: the first is always a 0. It is the next two numbers that you need to look at: shades 10 to 20 are suited to pale skin, shade 30 to medium skin and shades 40 to 60 to dark skin. .

For pale complexions with pink tones

To refresh your complexion and give it light, choose a shade whose last number is a 2: opt for foundation 012, 022 or 032.

For medium to dark complexions with apricot tones

To warm your skin tone and give it intensity, choose a shade whose last number is a 3: opt for foundation 023 or 033.

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