Backstage runway shows, make-up artists offer their incredible talent and expertise to create spectacular looks. It is this unique expertise that continuously inspires Dior to create increasingly innovative products.

The backstage spirit by Dior

Dior make-up originated backstage runway shows. This is where in 1953, Christian Dior had the idea to launch his first lipstick, Rouge Dior, as a way to complement his fashion collections. Intimately linked to Dior's fashion collections, Dior make-up makes a bold impression on the catwalk. The makeup looks created for each runway show are done so with unique expertise. Designed to complement the silhouettes that walk down the catwalk, these spectacular looks must capture everyone's attention, as well as last over time without losing their intensity.

Bold and carried by mad creativity, Dior make-up exudes the backstage spirit with which it has always been associated. Dior make-up artists infuse it with their vision and expertise to make it even more stunning with each runway show. Dior observes their techniques and takes note of their professional tips to innovate in turn and offer new products that are directly inspired by the backstage world of its runway shows.

Backstage Pro range

Dior has designed a range to replicate the techniques of its make-up artists: it is the Backstage Pro range, which is directly inspired by the backstage of runway shows. These expert products let you replicate the precise techniques of make-up artists and get the exact results you desire. Dior make-up artists have also shared their application tips so that you can improve the finish of your make-up or a product's effectiveness based on your goals. Easy to use, Backstage Pro products let you create professional-looking results at home almost instantly.

For unique radiance

Skinflash allows you to create a spectacular healthy glow all over your face, or correct certain imperfections such as wrinkles, blackheads and signs of fatigue in a more localised manner.

Pro tip: To brighten your complexion and create a flawless finish, apply Skinflash to the five key areas of the face: the tip of the chin, bridge of the nose, forehead, cheekbones and around the nostrils.

To achieve staggering length for lashes

Diorshow Maximizer lets you make your eyes look even more intense with each passing day: it boosts the action of your mascara while delivering lash care action to revitalise your lashes.

Pro tip: To optimise the lash care action of Diorshow Maximizer and add curl to your lashes without applying make-up, apply at night before going to bed.

For plump, luscious lips

Lip Maximizer moisturises and plumps your lips in a single step. It may be used alone or in addition to your lipstick to enhance its results.

Pro tip: Apply Lip Maximizer at night before going to bed. You will wake up to plump, perfectly defined lips.

To enhance the colour of your lips

Used alone, Lip Glow reacts to the heat of your lips to enhance their natural colour. Apply it before your lip gloss or lipstick to enhance its colour for maximum impact.

Pro tip: Apply Lip Glow before Lip Maximizer for naturally tinted lips and complete lip care action.

For perfectly defined lips

Contour Universel delivers several actions to create a perfect pout in one step: it defines the lip contour, extends the wear of your lipstick and adapts to all lip colour shades and skin tones.

Pro tip: Apply Contour Universel around your lip line. Next, apply a coloured lip liner inside your lip line for perfect smudge-free wear.

For an express manicure

Delivering the look of a beautiful French manicure instantly, Nail Glow subtly intensifies the pink and white areas of your nails while providing complete nail care action.

Pro tip: Apply a coat of Nail Glow after applying one coat of a light shade of Dior Vernis to boost its radiance and give it a unique pink glow.

To give nails extreme shine

Gel Coat enhances your nails with a beautiful natural look. It smoothes their surface and enhances their rounded shape while providing intense, long-lasting shine.

Pro tip: To boost the shine and perfect the shape of your nails, apply a generous coat of Gel Coat with the brush and carefully distribute it all over the nail surface without pressing down.

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