• Step 1 / Application of the eyeshadow

    Apply Diorshow Mono, Ribbon shade using the Backstage Eyeshadow Brush Large all over the eyelid. First apply the eyeshadow to the entire eyelid from the interior towards the exterior then concentrate the application on the centre of the eyelid, gently applying the colour by patting with the entire width of the brush. Finally, to enlarge the eyes, apply the eyeshadow to the external area of the eye, under the outer corner and under the eyebrow to form a "V".

    The Eyes

    Step 1 / Application of the eyeshadow


    Backstage Eyeshadow
    623 Ribbon


    Professional Finish Eyeshadow Brush - Large n°22

  • Step 2 / Applying the liner

    Obtain an emblematic gaze by drawing a graphic line with a black Diorshow Art Pen/ black Diorliner. Begin by drawing a line against the upper lashes from the inner corner of the eye to the centre of the eye. Then define the external shape with the liner, starting at the outer corner of the eye and working upwards towards the extremity of the brow. Ensure that this line is no greater than the size of the iris. With a crisp line, join the extremity of the external line to that of the upper lashes. Then fill in the area created. If necessary, redefine the contours of the liner for a perfect line.

    The Eyes

    Step 2 / Applying the liner


    Intense Professional Felt-Tip Eyeliner Long-Lasting Wear
    095 Catwalk Black

  • Step 3 / Applying the mascara

    Apply the black Diorshow New Look Mascara to the upper lashes by drawing the texture from the roots to the tips. Alternate with rotating movements to intensify the curving effect. For an even more spectacular result, apply a second layer 30 seconds after the first. Then apply to the lower lashes to open up the gaze. If necessary use the Backstage Lashes Brush.

    The Eyes

    Step 3 / Applying the mascara


    Multi-dimensional volume & treatment mascara
    090 Black


    Professional Finish Separating Lashes Brush n°26

  • Step 4 / Applying the eyebrow pencil

    Finally, complete your gaze with the perfect eyebrows. Redraw and colour the eyebrow using the powder end. Then brush the brows with the integrated brush to eliminate any traces of foundation or powder that may dull them. Enlarge the eyes by brushing the top and respecting the direction of growth

    The Eyes

    Step 4 / Applying the eyebrow pencil


    Powder eyebrow pencil with brush
    553 Marron Glacé

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