• Step 1 / Applying BB Cream

    Obtain a radiant Nude effect by applying the Diorskin Nude BB cream with the fingers or using the Backstage Fluid Foundation Brush Light Coverage. Put some foundation on the back of your hand and take a small quantity using the brush. Apply the make-up from the centre of the face towards the exterior with horizontal movements until it is completely blended into the skin. Begin the application in the central area of the face by applying to the nose, forehead and chin. Finish with the cheeks and the eye area.

    The Complexion

    Step 1 / Applying BB Cream


    Nude glow skin-perfecting Beauty balm FPS 25 SPF - PA ++
    002 Fair


    Pinceau Fond de Teint Fluide Fini Professionnel Haute Couvrance

  • Step 2 / Application of the radiance booster

    Apply Skinflash in one shade lighter than your usual shade to highlight the areas of shadow on the face. Apply to the five key points of the face: the eye and mouth area, the sides of the nose, the cheekbones and the forehead wrinkles.

    The Complexion

    Step 2 / Application of the radiance booster


    Radiance booster pen
    002 Ivory Luster

  • Step 3 / Applying loose powder

    For a soft, radiant finish, use the Backstage Powder Foundation Brush Light Coverage and apply the powder from the edge of the mouth to the jaw. Lightly powder the nostrils and the tip of the nose, the area under the eye and the curve of the forehead. First dip the brush in the powder and use a handkerchief to remove the excess before application.

    The Complexion

    Step 3 / Applying loose powder

    Diorskin Nude Rose Powder

    Hydrating Loose Powder instead


    Professional Finish Powder Brush Light Cover

  • Step 4 / Applying the blush

    For a fresh, natural radiance, bring "colour to your cheeks" by applying Rosy Glow with the Backstage Blush Brush in small circles on the cheekbones. Also enhance your natural skin tone by applying Rosy Glow to the temples and chin.

    The Complexion

    Step 4 / Applying the blush


    Healthy glow booster blush


    Professional Finish Blush Brush n°16

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