A real fashion accessory, nail varnish offers an infinite number of possibilities. It completes the simplest and the most sophisticated of looks. Here are some tips for choosing the shades best suited to your desires.

"Statement" shades

"Statement" shades refer to reds and pinks. Traditional, essential, these shades are suited to all women, for all occasions. They are always elegant and enhance glamorous femininity.

To modernise these timeless shades, do not hesitate to match the colour of your nail varnish to that of your lipstick or even your accessories (handbag, shoes, etc.). However, avoid matching the colour on your hands to that on your feet.

"Colour block" shades

These pop colours stand out to create a fashion-addict look. With these shades, colour becomes a fashion accessory: easy and joyful, it changes with your outfits and desires.

Do not hesitate to wear these original colours with a chic and classic outfit: this contrast breathes modernity into your look. It is better to avoid make-up that is too bold when wearing very visible nail varnish. However, you can match the colour of your nails to that of your eyeshadow or your eyeliner for an unexpected combination.

"Neo-grey" shades

These new shades in grey tones are also called "non-colours". They refer to taupe, grey, blue and ash colours. Original and discreet, they guarantee a faultless look whatever your outfit. They immediately modernise your appearance and perfectly complete a nude or total black look.

For a very sophisticated look, you can combine these shades with intense, smokey, very dark eyes. They also offer a more fashionable alternative to real "nude" shades of varnish.

Nude shades

These neutral shades group the beiges and the pale pinks. They are an equally desirable alternative to the vibrant colours of the other Dior varnishes. Their nude effect enhances natural beauty.

These discreet colours are ideal to balance a look when your make-up is bold or highly colourful. They also highlight imposing jewellery.

Fashion shades

Directly inspired by Dior colour trends and fashion collections, these shades provide the "fashion statement" of the season. Wear them as the mood takes you!

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